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All I wanted to do growing up was play baseball. My only vision of success was playing baseball at the highest level. By that standard I failed miserably as I never played above the high school level. However, looking back I realize that baseball empowered me. Though I never played above the high school level I enjoyed a certain level of success at every level I played. Baseball taught me a growth mindset and showed a shy, skinny, socially awkward kid that his potential was unlimited. A reoccurring theme growing up was coming to a new neighborhood, school, or team and identifying who was the best and then working my tail off until I claimed that top spot. I believe baseball has the potential to empower our youth, however, when I look around the competitive youth sports culture I see coaches and parents having the opposite effect. Instead of empowerment I see discouragement. Though my bio seems a little light on experience I am just naive enough to believe I can have a positive impact and that’s what I’m striving to do.

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  1. Kim Heath

    I know that you do have a positive impact. Everyone in our city knows you. I often get asked why you are not coaching and mentoring full-time. You have more than enough talent and tenacity to go above the high school level. You chose to follow a different dream which you have done a fantastic job at. You are always striving to do more, to learn more, to help more, and be more. You are an amazing man and don’t sell yourself short!


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