Monthly Archive: October 2016

Mia Hamm Principle

For our summers vacation in 2015 we made the twelve-hour drive to Gulf Shores Alabama where my youngest son’s team competed in the USSSA Global World Series. It was a lot of fun and fierce competition. Generally, the mornings were spent playing baseball and the evenings were spent on the beach. The final day of our vacation consisted of a twelve-hour ride home where I could reflect…
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Growth Mindset

Below is an email I send to the parents of the 7U baseball team I coached 3 years ago. I start off by saying I’m going to make some big, bold statements. Looking back I don’t think my statements were all that bold, but here’s what I wrote. Let me begin with a couple big, bold statements. #1) I believe teaching our athletes a growth mindset is…
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Experience Over Outcome

I stumbled across this post by veteran NFL Network reporter Alex Flanagan, and I believe it is spot on. In Flanagan’s post 5 Common Mistakes Most Sports Parents Are Making she tells a story of her daughter’s first volleyball game to illustrate the first mistake of “failing to enjoy the fun of failure.” As I read the story, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities to what…
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