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Experience Over Outcome


I stumbled across this post by veteran NFL Network reporter Alex Flanagan, and I believe it is spot on. In Flanagan’s post 5 Common Mistakes Most Sports Parents Are Making she tells a story of her daughter’s first volleyball game to illustrate the first mistake of “failing to enjoy the fun of failure.” As I read the story, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities to what…
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GSP Principle

A couple seasons back I was talking to a friend about youth baseball. He was coaching his son in tee ball and I was serving as an assistant coach on my son’s coach pitch team. We were sharing ideas about practice methods for those younger age groups. I mentioned that sometimes I think we should just throw the kids a tennis ball and tell them…
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Caught Looking


Plaster this quote everywhere; inside the score book, inside your coaching notebook, write it under the bill of your hat if you have to, whatever it takes just don’t forget these words. “There is nothing tough about getting negative when things go wrong. Any toddler throwing a tantrum is “tough” in that sense. A truly disciplined coach provides emotional support to a player who has…
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The Making of a Cheater


“Wrap him up!” the coach yelled. A phrase I would expect to hear at a youth football game, but on this day I was watching an 8U basketball game. Admittedly I do not have an abundance of basketball knowledge but I know that in basketball you cannot wrap your arms around the player you are guarding. I’ve seen our coaches instruct our players to keep their arms extended…
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How Does Your Team Measure Success

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After suffering a hard-fought, last-second loss in a game which the Detroit Lions played really well, rookie Head Coach Rob Marinelli had the following to say in his first post game press conference. “It’s not good enough… I’m not interested in playing hard and well; I’m interested in winning. There’s no option, there’s no solution other than winning. That’s it; I wont accept anything less….I’m not…
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Opportunity Cost


In my previous post, Oh No! It’s That Time of the Year, I discussed the dilemma a youth sports parent faces when trying to decide where their young athlete will play in the upcoming season. As if finding the right level of competition and a healthy environment is not difficult enough you must also consider the opportunity cost. What do I mean by opportunity cost? Ask…
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